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International Students Looking For a Job Interview

 Jason Li

Jason Li

Manager of International Relations at World Trade Center San Francisco, Nick Mattox, has conducted a one-on-one with Executive Vice President, Jason Li of Access US Oil and Gas to give advice to international students looking for a job.

Jason Li is a licensed securities broker and Vice President of Access US Oil and Gas and EB-5 Bonds LLC. AUSOG and EB-5 Bonds LLC are members of World Trade Center San Francisco and have helped by contributing millions of dollars to the United States economy as well as hundreds of jobs. Jason, a former international student and graduate from St. Martin’s University. Throughout his time in the US, he has not only had the experience of looking for work as an international student, but he has had the experience of hiring and working with many international students for his company.

Nick: “Good Morning, Jason. Thank you for joining me today.”

Jason: “Thanks for having me. I am excited to be here and share my experiences with international students.”

Nick: “Great! I want to start by asking ‘What is your first suggestion for international students looking to start work if they are in school or have just graduated?’”

Jason: “My first suggestion to make sure that you are eligible for a student work while being on student F-1 visa, either through CPT or OPT. Applying for these work visas will allow you to become employed as a student.”

For more information and an overview of these programs can be seen, 

Nick: “So if I am an international student, how does this help me further in my career?”

Jason: “For an international student, CPT and OPT are a way to boost your resume resume and gain real life working experience. International students have to make their resume stand out from the rest of the job market, and most applicants have little to no work experience in their field of study. These programs are the way to gain that valuable work skills for finding a job after graduation.

Nick: “That is some great advice, Jason. As an executive, what are some tips or advices to international students applying for a job?”

Jason: “I am so glad you asked this. There are a few mistakes that I regularly see students, specifically international students, when applying for a job at my organization.

The most common mistake I see is poor application materials. Think about this. If I am reading someone’s resume and there are grammatical errors or it is poorly written, that resume tells me a lot applicant themselves. It shows that they were unwilling to get it checked by someone to make sure that it was as professional. It shows me that if I hire them, they will not put forth their best effort in their work and that they do not care enough to make sure they were presenting themselves in the best way. I take my job very seriously, so if someone brings me poor application materials, it shows me that they do not care or take the application for the job seriously. I already know that I will not hire that applicant.”

Nick: “That is a very excellent point. I have seen this many times when evaluating applicants for our student internships, especially those that are international students. Are there other common mistakes you can identify for our readers to avoid?”

Jason: “The second common mistake that I see international students make is in their professional appearance. I have had a lot of international students come to my office for a personal interview, and they show up looking completely unprofessional. I have had applicants come in wearing sweatpants, but a very common mistake is when someone comes in wearing basketball or tennis shoes.”

Nick: “How can someone make sure that they look professional when coming into an interview?”

Jason: “Well, my suggestion would be to examine yourself head-to-toe and make sure that you look clean, neat, and professional. Make sure that your hair is done nicely, your clothes are ironed, and you are dressed appropriately for a professional environment.”

Nick: “Wow! That is very valuable information. Speaking of interviews, that can be a very intimidating process, especially if you have never had a job interview before. Is there any advice you can give our readers going into their first job interview?”

Jason: “My advice would be to be confident, and focus on making a good first impression. Focus on making good eye contact and have a good handshake when you are introduced to the people who is giving the interview. Not only are they evaluating you based on the interview itself, but employers want to make sure that the applicant will fit in the company’s work environment.”

Nick: “Well, Jason, I want to thank you once again for taking your time for this interview. I know our readers will benefit from the advice you have given from a first-hand account.”

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