We love when we get the opportunity to introduce you to our office interns and team at World Trade Center San Francisco. Our Interns will build relationships with people from around the world and learn from a variety of business opportunities. Our interns also will develop a multitude of professional skills, serving them greatly in their future.

Employee Profile: YuLiang Yan

Meet YuLiang.

YuLiang was the first intern at World Trade Center San Francisco, and is now a full-time employee overseeing the Pacific Northwest Section of the University Program.

He is involved with:

  • Marketing
  • Event promotion
  • Local University collaborations

His primary focus is educating foreign students about their options for staying in the United States after graduation.

Here’s what YuLiang shared about his internship experience,

“During my internship at World Trade Center San Francisco, the structure of this job gave me lots of challenges. Although at that time, I was a senior student and nearly graduated, I had not made any sales related activities before. Because I had a lack of experience and did not study marketing in school, I began to doubt my abilities; however, thanks to my support team at WTC-SF, I experienced many new challenges and feel as if I have grown as a professional because of my new experiences. I made the first panel presentation at the University of Oregon with more than 200 students attending, and I closed a deal at the end of my internship period. I learned a specific way to talk with potential clients professionally, how to position myself and work with a team base in order to accomplish team goals, and how marketing works in the real world. The intern experience changed me, and I became more open-minded and outgoing towards those I meet every day, no matter if they are strangers or my potential clients. I always bring passion and confidence into every barrier I have met during the work. Because I know there is always someone back in the office that can help me and support me when I am experiencing something for the first time, I am not afraid to push through barriers and grow.”

“After I finished my internship, I was offered a transition to a full-time job. I now understand that marketing is not only something in which a salesman will try to sell a product to a customer, but it is a service in which we must understand a customers’ deep needs and wants. We then try our best to help customer analyze their difficulties and offer the best solution.”

“My time working at World Trade Center San Francisco has provided me tremendous personal and professional growth. I have adjusted to and learned more of the American business culture, marketing implementation, and become more mature when dealing with new people. This is a fun, interesting, and challenge position that gives me chance to discover my potentials that I haven’t aware.”

We are very happy to have YuLiang on board our University Team, and look forward to continue to see him grow further as he progresses in his career. If you are interested in an internship at World Trade Center San Francisco, please visit our website www.wtc-sf.com/internship or call us at (888) 775-0778.

Interested in becoming an inter at World Trade Center San Francisco? Please email us your resume and cover letter. Contact us for any questions that you might have.

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