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Benefits of EB-5 Visa’s:

EB-5 Bond Model

Municipal bonds are a key financial resource for infrastructure projects. Because of the large scale of these projects, EB-5 projects using the bond model are able to count plenty of jobs that easily exceed the ten job per investor minimum, and in many cases, exceed this requirement by creating hundreds of jobs per investor.

EB-5 Visa Timeline

Are you wondering how long your EB-5 Visa is going to take? The process of an EB-5 Program can be a little overwhelming, and sometimes not easy. Here at, World Trade Center San Francisco we want to help ease the process of an EB-5 Program and we have created an EB-5 Program Step-by-Step Process to show you exactly how the process works.

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Things to know about EB-5 Investments


One of the highest savings that a foreign national can achieve through their EB-5 Investment Visa is the savings on college education. The rate of tuition that an international student pays at an American university is much higher than that of the local resident.

Real Estate

Adding in the value of the land, over twice as much additional living space and a larger reduction in prices of US homes compared to condos in China, it is easy to see the benefits for new immigrants looking for real estate in the United States.


There are many tax benefits for those who are permanent residents when purchasing real estate in the United States. Due to the complexity of taxes, which can be significant, this article will not go into detail but will state that a permanent resident of the US will save quite a bit of money.


Compare a standard luxury car, which is both imported can have a difference of over $50,000 USD. Someone could buy two BMW 3 series in the United States and still have leftover money than what it would cost to buy just one of the same cars in China.