How did it start?

Twenty years ago, there was plenty of funding available for domestic energy projects and high quality projects were hard to find. Independent oil companies and the major oil companies were competing for leases.

Today, however, the tables have turned. The major energy companies are currently spending most of their money offshore and overseas.

With the decrease in oil prices, the cost of drilling and completing oil wells has dropped as many small energy companies have either closed their doors or do not have sufficient cash to secure leases and still operate the wells on their existing properties.



Copestone Energy Partners


WTC-SF has established a relationship with Copestone Energy Partners, a company uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in the oil market, even in the face of declining oil prices.

Independent investors are able to acquire prime leases in a buyer’s market.

For more information about the oil and gas investments, please visit our partner’s website www.copestoneenergy.com