World Trade Center San Francisco is proud to introduce another member of their Intern team, Annie.

Annie is our Graphic Designer Intern, a senior from Saint Martin’s University. She is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and has career goals of working in the publishing field.

She started her education at the Art Institute of Chicago and has used the knowledge of both design and writing to assist many projects around the office. She has done a great job stepping in and using her professional skills to work on website design, print promotions, and advertising.

Here’s a little message from Annie,

“Hi! My name is Annie and I’ve been a graphic design intern with Access Group since August, and it’s been a great experience! Before my time here, I didn’t really know a lot about web design and was still unsure about my print design skills. Not anymore! Working with everyone here at World Trade Center San Francisco has given me the opportunity to refine my print skills and to learn a lot about web design. I’ve had the opportunity to have my work reviewed and critiqued, and it was interesting to work for a company concerned about appealing to businesses rather than other artists. I’m really excited to keep learning about web design and refining my skills as a designer.”

We would like to offer our congratulations to Annie as she graduates next week. She will be continuing her internship in graphic design at World Trade Center San Francisco after this term with primary focus on marketing campaigns and content creation.

Check out some of her recent work!

To see more of Annie’s work head over to her website, Strange Brian Designs.

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  • They will gain experience in the business world while attending class
  • They will develop a multitude of professional skills, serving them greatly in their future

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